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ADDI-DATA Interference-free PC boards

ADDI-DATA Interference-free PC boards


Interference-free PC boards

For harsh industrial environments

PC-based solutions are indispensable in the world of measurement and automation. They can acquire and process a high amount of data in a short time. But to be able to work reliably in the industrial field with many interferences and to acquire precise data, PC boards and accessories must be specially protected and adapted to each other.



Bus systems

  • PCI-Express
  • PCI
  • CompactPCI Serial
  • CompactPCI
  • PC/104-Plus

Signal types

Thanks to the wide range of available signal types, nearly all
types of applications can be realized with our PC boards.
Digital boards, 30 V / 24 V / 12 V / 5 V

  • Digital inputs
  • Digital outputs
  • Digital I/O
  • Relay boards


  • Multifunction counter board with FPGA

Analog boards

  • Analog inputs, 12 or 16-bit
  • Analog outputs, 12 or 14-bit
  • Temperature measurement
  • Pressure measurement
  • Length measurement with transducer
  • Noise and vibration measurement

Serial interfaces

  • 1 to 8-port serial interfaces, RS232, RS422, RS485, 20 mA CL

Motion control

  • Intelligent boards
  • For servo or stepper motors


  • More performance for your applications through FPGA technology

With the reprogrammable FPGA logic, the functionalities of the PC board can be adapted to your requirements through algorithms. These algorithms reduce cycle times of signal acquisition and of regulation tasks.

  • Fast data transfer through DMA (Direct Memory Access)

The DMA takes load of the resources of the PC’s CPU as the acquired measurement results are directly written into the memory of the PC by the board. Thus the PC can execute other more important tasks at the same time.

  • Customized PC boards

Standard PC boards are sufficient for most applications. In case of special demands just ask us: Our development team will be pleased to help you, from minor adaptations to a completely new product development.

  • Safe signal transmission – dedicated accessories

In the industrial environment, signal interferences are frequent. In order to transfer signals precisely and reliably from a sensor or actuator to the PC board, the accessories are significant. That is why we offer industry-standard accessories specially adatped to our PC boards.



Protective circuits

For safe and reliable use within your application, ADDI-DATA PC boards are equipped with numerous protective circuits such as optical isolation, filters, short-circuit protection etc.


Safe equipment start

During the starting phase, before the nominal voltage is supplied, the logic components on electrical devices run through different undefined states. Without special measures the states of the digital output channels cannot be defined exactly. Thus the I/O and outputs boards set all outputs to “0” after Power-on or reset.


Drivers / Samples

  • Windows™ 8/7/XP
  • Programming samples for C, Visual Basic, Delphi, etc.
  • VIs and samples for LabVIEW™ / LabWindows/CVI™
  • Drivers for DasyLab® / DIAdem®
  • Real-time extension: RTX®, RTAI, VxWorks® …
  • Linux


Real-time applications

NEW! for 64-bit Windows
ADDI-DATA offers RTX64™ drivers for real-time applications with 64-bit Windows. The multi core  architecture x86 of Windows allows to assign several processors to RTX in order to realize several real-time applications with one PC.

The drivers are available on request for all boards in our product range. Please ask us!

ADDIPACK driver concept

Easy board administration – now available for 64-bit drivers
For an easy administration of all boards inside the PC ADDIDATA offers a convenient driver model that lists all  functionalities of the integrated boards in one virtual board. This means that not boards but board functions are  administrated – basically as a resource.

New boards can be easily integrated or exchanged.

Changes of the functions caused by board exchange are directly visible. Thus PC boards can be exchanged for example by PCIExpress boards without a new driver installation.

Product overview

PCI-ExpressPCIPC/104-PLUSCompactPCICompactPCI serial
Digital inputs, 24V/5VAPCIe-1016APCI-1032/-5
Digital outputs, 24V/5VAPCIe-2016APCI-2032/-5
Digital inputs and outputs, 24VAPCIe-1532, APCIe-1516, APCIe-1564APCI-1500, APCI-1516PC104-PLUS1500CPCI-1500CPCIs-1532, CPCIs-1564
Digital inputs and outputs, 12VAPCIe-1532APCI-1500*CPCIs-1532*
Digital inputs and outputs, 5VAPCI-1564-5VCPCIs-1532*
TTLAPCI-1648, APCI-1696
Counter (Incremental counter, PWM, SSI, EnDat2.2, etc.)APCIe-1711APCI-1710CPCI-3009, CPCI-1710CPCIs-1711
Multifunction, Analog inputs/outputsAPCIe-3121APCI-3120, APCI-3116, APCI-3110CPCI-3120, CPCI-3009CPCIs-3121
Analog inputs, 12-bitAPCI-3001, APCI-3010CPCI-3001
Analog inputs, 16-bitAPCIe-3021APCI-3002, APCI-3003, APCI-3016
Analog outputs, 12-bitAPCI-3122, APCI-3504, APCI-3504C
Analog outputs, 14-bitAPCI-3501
Analog outputs, 16-bitAPCIe-3521
Temperature measurementAPCI-3200
Pressure measurementAPCI-3300
Length measurementAPCI-3701, APCI-3701
1- to 8-port serial interfacesAPCIe-7xxxAPCI-7xxx-3CPCI-7500 (4-port)
Motion ControlAPCI-8008CPCI-8004

* on request