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ADDI-DATA offers solutions for the defense sector

Long-time development projects require long-term available and robust standard-based components, especially in the defense sector. With the industrial solutions by ADDI-DATA you can realize many measurement and control appli­cations as:

  • Weapon testing
  • Climate testing
  • Control of HVAC (Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning)
  • Noise, shock or vibration control
  • Data recording and transmission

Product applications for the defense sector

Flight tests

Use of the MSX-Box during flight tests for high-precision DAQ of ultrasound, pressure, incremental encoders, motor rotational speed, acceleration, GPS synchronisation Read more

Muzzle velocity measurement

The MSX-E1701 system used in a shooting tunnel for measuring the muzzle ­velocity of machine guns. Advantages: IP67 protection against dust, onboard data processing, Ethernet communication. Read more

Temperature measurement device for a submarine

Monitoring of the motors and generators of a submarine using the MSX-E3211 temperature measurement system. The system acquires the temperature permanently and calculates the tolerance range, thus relieving the controlling PC on the bridge. Read more

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