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Since 1984, ADDI-DATA has been a by-word for top-quality industrial measurement and automation systems. Our passion is to develop products that meet your expectations and to act as a reliable partner from the outset. Quality, adaptability, security of investment, reliability and a spirit of innovation are the ideas that drive us forward, so you can bring your projects to a successful conclusion.
You will find ADDI-DATA industrial metrology solutions worldwide in numerous areas: automotive and metal industry, engine building industry, tailor-made machinery, aircraft and chemicals industry, etc. They are used for quality control, process control, signal switching, data acquisition, motion control or position acquisition and automation.


The quality of our products is essential to the smooth running of your measurement and automation projects. That is why our products are designed and manufactured in Germany, and every one of them undergoes thorough functional testing before delivery. The idea of quality is also reflected in our internal processes, with continuous improvement integrated into our day-to-day operations. The ISO 9001:2008 certification illustrates our efforts and our will to progress. The drive for constant improvement is what inspires our slogan: ‘Spirit of excellence’.


By doing our own development in-house, we can react faster and more flexibly to customer wishes and requirements. Whether the request is for a minor modification to a product or a customer-specific solution – even for small quantities – our fast and efficient processes ensure that it will be implemented on time.

Security of investment

Along with quality and reliability, our customers set great store by our philosophy of long-term availability, because the installations that you build often have to remain in use for many years. As part of our measurement and automation process, we take this responsibility seriously. That is why you should not be surprised to find ISA cards still in this catalogue.


Reliability is the foundation of any successful partnership. It creates trust and brings people closer together. From this comes sustained open dialogue, which takes us to our desired goal. For our customers, we literally move mountains: project-based consulting, fast response times, on-site project meetings and commissioning and workshops are our bread and butter; and not only in Germany – our customer service covers the world. With a direct line to our engineers, our customers receive professional and expert advice and support.

Spirit of innovation

Innovation is the gift of creating something special out of tried and tested technologies, so you the user can deploy powerful solutions.