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Legacy products

PA 1500 for the ISA bus - still available!

The long-term availability of our products secures your investment. The applications you build today have to remain in use for many years. We still have ISA boards in our product range like the PA 1500 digital I/O board you can see here!

Do you need

  • replacement for an ADDI-DATA PC board?
  • to replicate a machine using ADDI-DATA boards?
  • spare parts for an existing machine using ADDI-DATA boards?
  • an old version of drivers or manuals by ADDI-DATA?

Ask us!

  • Our manuals/drivers archives goes back 30 years
  • Our repair service has a large stock of components
  • Our team of engineers will be happy to support you

Product identification with serial number or pictures

Before you contact us, please check for a serial number (format: A-Dxxxxxx) on the product. If there is none, take pictures of the board (both sides).

Many of our products are customized, therefore the product you have might look different from the standard version. Here again, pictures help identify the product.

Contact us and send us this information along with your request!