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PCI Express boards

ADDI-DATA offers PCI Express boards for use in industrial environment. They are especially designed for the reliable use in harsh industrial environments and have many protective features, such as protection against short circuits and overvoltage, optical isolation, input and output filters, etc.

Overview of PCI Express boards


Product nameDescriptionPDF
APCIe-1500Digital, 32 I/O, 24 VDatasheet
APCIe-1500-12VDigital, 32 I/O, 12 VDatasheet
APCIe-1532Digital, 32 I/O, 24 VDatasheet
APCIe-1532-12VDigital, 32 I/O, 12 VDatasheet
APCIe-1516Digital, 16 I/O, 24 VDatasheet
APCIe-1564Digital, 64 I/O, 24 VDatasheet
APCIe-1564-5VDigital, 64 I/O, 5 VDatasheet
APCIe-1016Digital, 16 digital inputs, 24 VDatasheet
APCIe-1032Digital, 32 digital inputs, 24 VDatasheet
APCIe-2032Digital, 32 digital outputs, 24 VDatasheet
APCIe-2032-5Digital, 32 digital outputs, 5 VDatasheet
APCIe-2200Relay board, 8/16 relays, 8/16 digital inputs, 24 VDatasheet


Product nameDescriptionPDF
APCIe-1711Counter, programmable functionsDatasheet


Product nameDescriptionPDF
APCIe-3121Analog, 16SE/8 diff. inputs, 4/8 outputs, 16-bitDatasheet
APCIe-3126Analog, 16SE/8 diff. inputs, 8 outputs, 16-bit, 200 khz Datasheet
APCIe-3021Analog, 16SE/8 diff. inputs, 16-bitDatasheet
APCIe-3521Analog, 4/8 outputs, 16-bitDatasheet
APCIe-3660-4Noise and vibration measurement board, 4 analog inputs, 24-bitPreliminary!
APCIe-0408 watchdogs/timersDatasheet

Serial communication, RS232, RS422, RS485, 20 mA CL

Product nameDescriptionPDF
APCIe-73001-port serial interfaceDatasheet
APCIe-74202-port serial interfaceDatasheet
APCIe-75004-port serial interfaceDatasheet
APCIe-78008-port serial interfaceDatasheet