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EtherCAT systems

EtherCAT solutions are becoming more and more popular in automation technology.
One reason for this may be that these systems are able to replace field buses and therefore require only one computer network.
In this way, real-time Ethernet solutions help optimizing processes between the production level and the IT level.

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ADDI-DATA offers I/O slave systems for

  • analog inputs
  • digital I/Os
  • EnDAT 2.2 sensors
  • Transducers : LVDT, HB, RVDT, Mahr, …


  • Hot-plug enabled
  • Fast systems: Burst acquisition possible (systems are faster than the bus cycle)
  • Systems can be synchronized with one another for more precise acquisitions
  • High precision

Overview of the EtherCAT systems

Product NameDescriptionDatasheet
MSX-EC-3000-1616 analog inputs, SE, 16-bitDatasheet
MSX-EC-1730-164 EnDAT 2.2 sensors and 16 analog inputs, SE, 16-bitDatasheet
MSX-EC-37818 inductive displacement transducersDatasheet
MSX-EC-3011EtherCAT analog input system, 16 analog differential inputs, 16-bitin preparation
EC-ARTS-3701-4EtherCAT system for length measurement, 24-bit,  4 inductive transducers, LVDT, Half-Bridge, Mahrin preparation