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Application examples

The application examples section includes some projects which have been developed with ADDI-DATA products in many different industry sectors.

Temperature measurement

Measurement of pressure, temperature and air flow in an industrial oven Challenge In an industrial Read more

Increasing the productivity of a flake board production facility

A manufacturer of flake boards has the following objectives for the modernisation of his production facility: Save material, glue and energy costs, reduce the wear of the grinding belts and optimise the time for the press process in order to improve the productivity of the complete manufacturing process. Read more

Optimisation of the traverse path

A manufacturer of CNC milling machines wants to optimise the traverse path of his machines and their speed and precision. The mechanical wear of the axes is also to be considered. Read more

Temperature monitoring

In steelmaking the temperature is an important parameter. Therefore it must be precisely measured and monitored. Read more

Monitoring of a tools motor current

In order to avoid damages on the tool, the work piece and the machine the motor current shall be measured and the force with which the tool touches the work piece shall be established. Read more

ABS test bench

A test bench for the test of ABS devices is created. It simulates a breaking process in order to check the functional ability of the control device. One of the important facts to be found out is which force is achieved at which point of the pedal travel. The acquired data is to be compared with set point values. Read more

Exact positioning of a magnetic resonance tomograph (MRT)

The table of a magnetic resonance tomograph (MRT) for 3D scans is to be positioned precisely in order to be able to correctly assign the pictures to each position. A reference run is not possible as this would cause a considerable delay after switching on the MRT. Read more

Control of rotary folding machines

In rotary folding machines a precise movement of the paper during the work process is necessary to avoid that the paper gets torn. The challenge is the exact positioning of the secondary axes in a way that they can precisely and continuously execute the predefined machining pattern, even at high speed. Read more

Monitoring of a tools motor current

In order to avoid damages on the tool, the work piece and the machine the motor current shall be measured and the force with which the tool touches the work piece shall be established. Read more

Temperature regulation for the production of wafers

During the production process, a wafer has to go through several temperature stages, which must be regulated in order to avoid wasting the expensive material. Read more

Test device for gear wheels for watches

A manufacturer of watches is looking for new measurement electronics that are suitable for a manual testing device as well as for a transportable solution for the measurement of the surface of gear wheels. Read more

Simple measurement device for gear wheels

A manual test station shall be replaced by a modern and easy-to-use measuring system. The goal is to improve the accuracy of the measurement and to avoid errors which occur when measurement values are entered manually. Read more

Measurement of a spherical roll

Length and maximum diameter of a spherical roll are to be detected. For this, a system consisting of pairs of transducers facing each others is mounted on a ring, through which the object is pulled. Read more

Optimisation of the press process

In order to optimise the press process and to reduce defective parts the press depth of a press shall be monitored cycle-dependently. As an installation close to the press is necessary, the system has to be resistant to shocks and vibrations. Read more

Measurement tasks in a coal power plant

Reduce energy and optimize energy production with far distributed measurement locations in a coal power plant. Read more

Monitoring of wind power plants

Long-term temperature measurement and monitoring the ventilation in order to avoid the breakdown of wind turbines. Read more

Increase the yield of a photovoltaic plant

Intelligent monitoring and control of an industrial photovoltaic plant in the desert for maximum current yield. Read more

Weighing and packaging machine

A fruit wholesaler needs a device for weighing, sorting and packing apples into trays. Read more

Gas tank supervision

Gas tank supervision and gas leak detection application using intelligent Ethernet systems with analog and digital I/O functions and gas sensors. Read more

Flight tests

Use of the MSX-Box during flight tests for high-precision DAQ of ultrasound, pressure, incremental encoders, motor rotational speed, acceleration, GPS synchronisation Read more

Muzzle velocity measurement

The MSX-E1701 system used in a shooting tunnel for measuring the muzzle ­velocity of machine guns. Advantages: IP67 protection against dust, onboard data processing, Ethernet communication. Read more

Temperature measurement device for a submarine

Monitoring of the motors and generators of a submarine using the MSX-E3211 temperature measurement system. The system acquires the temperature permanently and calculates the tolerance range, thus relieving the controlling PC on the bridge. Read more

Temperature and humidity measurement

Intelligent monitoring of temperature and air humidity in clean rooms, laboratories and calibration rooms   Read more

Regulation of the acquisition speed

How to adjust the acquisition speed of a measurement device to external conditions such as vibrations, which might cause measurement errors. Read more

Quality control of balls for ball-bearings

Measurement and control of a grinding machine producing balls for ball-bearings. The MSX-E3701 Ethernet system measures the dimensions of the balls and sends corrections to the PLC if necessary. Read more

Positioning of axes for surface measurement

Challenge Positioning of axes for surface measurement of rotationally symmetric parts. For this task, many Read more

Position acquisition in a welding process

Position acquisition of glass components with the Ethernet counter system MSX-E1731 for EnDat 2.2 sensors. Read more

Active vibration damping

An active vibration damping system which measures vibration values and controls actuators in real time. Read more

Measurement of emission values, boost pressure and temperature for engine test benches

An automotive manufacturer wants to build test benches for engines to measure, among other data, the temperature inside the engines, the emission values and the boost pressure. Read more

Measurement device for clutch discs

Measurement device for clutch discs using the APCI-8008 motion control board and the APCI-3300 pressure measurement board Read more

Surface testing

Surface testing of brake discs using the intelligent Ethernet systems MSX-E1701 (counter) and MSX-E3701 (length measurement). Read more