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Customized solutions

Services for special demands

In measurement, control and automation applications, standard components are normally used. But there are some requirements which cannot be satisfied with standard components. The question for you is whether product adaptations or new developments can be dealt with in-house.

Time pressure or resource planning must be factored into this process.

If in-house implementation is impossible, you will need a reliable partner who can offer you the precise solution as part of his service. Just ask us! We will be glad to help you, from the most minor adaptation to new product development.

Technical experts

From the very beginning, ADDI-DATA has been developing high-quality customized solutions for PC-based or distributed applications.30 years of experience and expertise speak for themselves.

Professional project management

We carry out adaptations to project templates or individual developments in a focused and efficient way – and of course comply strictly with the DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 standard. That applies not only to the internal processes of ADDI-DATA, but also to the project implementation with you.

Process of customized solutions


Examples of customized solutions

  • Adaptation of existing hardware: Specific signal type such as 12 V instead of 24 V, modification of the low pass filter, digital filter, calculation of average values, data processing, etc
  • Software adaptation: Drivers for specific operating systems, adaptation of samples for integration into an existing application, etc.
  • Complete product development: Interference-free PC boards, distributed solutions, complete systems, etc.

Ask us!

To be able to give you the very best advice, we have put together a list of questions which will help us to get an initial picture of your requirements.

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