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MSX-Box real-time PAC systems

The MSX-Box is an open Programmable Automation Controller system (PAC).

The MSX-Box real-time PAC systems  have been specially developed for industrial measurement, control and automation applications in real time where processes have to be carried out within a defined time.


  • Modular platform for distributed measurement, control and regulation applications in real time
  • Based on established standard technologies like PCI backplane or CompactPCI backplane
  • Non-proprietary system: I/O PCI boards or CompactPCI boards from other manufacturers can be used
  • Low maintenance: Linux operating system with RTAI extension – no update obligations
  • Reduced costs: no software licence costs
  • No unnecessary multimedia features: Full machine time only for your application
  • Optimise your system: Free access to the software down to the kernel source code for extensive adaptations of your measuring system
  • Real-time development tools without additional costs
  • Investment security: Long-term availability of the products thanksto the ADDI-DATA supply philosophy

Overview of the MSX-Box real-time PAC systems

MSX-Box for PCI boards

Product nameDescriptionPDF
MSX-Box-500PAC system for PCI boards, 3 free slots for half-size boardsDatasheet
MSX-Box-800PAC system for PCI boards, 6 free slots for half-size boardsDatasheet

MSX-Box for CompactPCI boards

Product nameDescriptionPDF
MSX-Box-CPCI-400PAC system for CompactPCI boards, 3 free slots for CompactPCI boardsDatasheet
MSX-Box-CPCI-xxxxPAC system for CompactPCI boards, number of free slots acc. to your requirementsDatasheet