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PC boards

With the sophisticated and reliable ADDI-DATA PC boards, your measurement and automation tasks will be a success! High quality products, well thought-out design concepts and robust construction guarantee a reliable functionning of ADDI-DATA PC boards in a harsh industrial environment.

We offer PCI Express, PCI, CompactPCI, CompactPCI Serial, PC/104-PLUS and ISA boards.

For more than 30 years, ADDI-DATA has been developing interference-free PC boards for industrial measurement and automation.

Faster thanks to FPGA

Interference-free PC boards with FPGA components allow a faster execution of your process by reducing the cycle times of signal acquisition and regulating tasks.

Find out more under Hybrid Technology.

Free drivers and samples

Our PC boards are supplied with many drivers and samples.

You can check which drivers and samples are available for each board here: Downloads

Do you need a driver which is not featured? Contact us!

Real-time applications with Windows and RTX drivers

Most ADDI-DATA PC boards are supplied with RTX drivers allowing you to create real-time applications for Windows. As RTX is multi-core, you can build your applications parallelly and split them on several processor cores. Thus you can easily administrate time-critical measurement, control and regulation tasks in a deterministic way.

The installation of the ADDI-DATA RTX drivers is fast and easy: Here is a step-by-step explanation.

PCI-Express boards
Interference-free boards for the PCI Express bus
PCI boards
Interference-free boards for the PCI bus
CompactPCI boards
Interference-free boards for the CompactPCI bus
CompactPCI serial boards
NEW! Interference-free boards for the CompactPCI serial bus
PC/104-PLUS boards
Interference-free boards for PC/104-PLUS
ISA boards
Still available in our product range!