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Temperature measurement

Temperature measurement

Measurement of pressure, temperature and air flow in an industrial oven



In an industrial oven with temperatures up to 70°C, temperature, pressure and airflow shall be measured. As no power supply is available inside the oven, the system must be supplied by an autarkic power supply. A stable and interference-free measurement shall be guaranteed for 3 to maximum 8 hours. The acquired values are to be saved in the system and at the end of the process transferred via Ethernet to a PC for further processing and visualisation in a predefined format.


For the measurement of temperature and analog values as well as the data saving, the MSX-ilog-RTD/TC and MSX-ilog-AI-16 are used. The two systems are cascaded and connected to a 5 Ah battery and the sensors to the dataloggers, thus the analog and temperature values are recorded during the traverse of the oven. After 3 to 8 hours, the recorded data is read out and transferred to a PC via Ethernet, in order that it can be evaluated with Excel and processed.
The control lights show data recording or errors to avoid faulty measurement. This saves time and money.

As the MSX-ilog dataloggers are suited for temperatures up to 70°C, it is possible to let them traverse the oven next to the products, in order to assure interference-free data acquisition.

Datalogger for temperature measurement: MSX-ilog-RTD/-TC

Datalogger for measurement of analog values: MSX-ilog-AI-16