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Resolver-to-Digital Converter MSX-RDC-17

The resolver-to-digital converter MSX-RDC-17 is a device for supplying and acquiring a resolver. It converts the position value given by the resolver into a digital incremental output signal. The resolution of the incremental encoder output can be defined using the switch on the front side of the MSX-RDC-17.

Resolver-to-digital converter MSX-RDC-17

Resolver-to-digital converter MSX-RDC-17

• Power supply: nominal voltage 5 V
• Resolver output/input: Frequency: 10 kHz
• Resolver connection
• Output signals: incremental A+, A-, B+, B-, Index+, Index-
• Output type: differential, RS485
• Resolution: 10-/12-/14-/16-bit

The resolution of the incremental output is set through a switch panel on the front side of the MSX-RDC-17.

DownloadDatasheet (PDF)

[message_box title=”Why adjustable precision?” color=”green”]Signal noise and conversion errors can vary and thus impact the precision of the interpretation. By using the MSX-RDC-17, you are flexible in case the selected resolution was not sufficient. Available resolutions: 10-bit, 12-bit, 14-bit and 16-bit. [/message_box]