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Machinery OEM

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ADDI-DATA offers reliable measurement and control solutions for the machinery sector.

  • ADDI-DATA offers reliable measurement and control products and solutions which enable you to acquire various sensor data like transducer, laser, encoder etc. In addition to diagnostic tasks, the robust systems can also be used for control tasks like switching signals on or off. The products are widely used by major German machine builders for various new R&D and technological applications.
  • ADDI-DATA products are used in all types of cutting, shaping and grinding machines. The company offer unique support to the machine builders by offering board level technical repair and replacement support to their worldwide customers.
  • ADDI-DATA also offers support to machine retrofitting projects. This helps older machines to make the best out of their lifecycle. The company also offers technology consulting in order to prevent older machines from becoming obsolete.
  • ADDI-DATA is a reliable partner for your new machine design and development activities. The company offers exclusive products and solutions to secure your R&D capabilities.

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