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Factory automation

Factory automation

No process optimisation without process data!

Improve your factory automation processes with robust and precise measurement solutions by ADDI-DATA!

To optimise automation processes in a sustainable way, at first their weak points must be detected: A challenge for modern measurement technology.

Increasing the machine load factor, reducing defective goods, reliable tolerance measurement, 100 % quality control, preventive error and wear detection are some of the optimisations that can be realised with the high-precision intelligent measurement systems by ADDI-DATA!

Integrated measurement and control for better production processes

More speed, more accuracy, more efficiency: Production facilities are under pressure.
They must produce more and better products in less time while reducing faulty parts and machine downtime. Furthermore, customer requirements for smaller individual quantities are to be considered. This difficult task can be facilitated through a clever combination of measurement and control technology.

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Examples of applications for factory automation

Increasing the productivity of a flake board production facility

A manufacturer of flake boards has the following objectives for the modernisation of his production facility: Save material, glue and energy costs, reduce the wear of the grinding belts and optimise the time for the press process in order to improve the productivity of the complete manufacturing process. Read more

Control of rotary folding machines

In rotary folding machines a precise movement of the paper during the work process is necessary to avoid that the paper gets torn. The challenge is the exact positioning of the secondary axes in a way that they can precisely and continuously execute the predefined machining pattern, even at high speed. Read more

Temperature regulation for the production of wafers

During the production process, a wafer has to go through several temperature stages, which must be regulated in order to avoid wasting the expensive material. Read more

Test device for gear wheels for watches

A manufacturer of watches is looking for new measurement electronics that are suitable for a manual testing device as well as for a transportable solution for the measurement of the surface of gear wheels. Read more

Simple measurement device for gear wheels

A manual test station shall be replaced by a modern and easy-to-use measuring system. The goal is to improve the accuracy of the measurement and to avoid errors which occur when measurement values are entered manually. Read more

Measurement of a spherical roll

Length and maximum diameter of a spherical roll are to be detected. For this, a system consisting of pairs of transducers facing each others is mounted on a ring, through which the object is pulled. Read more

Optimisation of the press process

In order to optimise the press process and to reduce defective parts the press depth of a press shall be monitored cycle-dependently. As an installation close to the press is necessary, the system has to be resistant to shocks and vibrations. Read more

Regulation of the acquisition speed

How to adjust the acquisition speed of a measurement device to external conditions such as vibrations, which might cause measurement errors. Read more

Quality control of balls for ball-bearings

Measurement and control of a grinding machine producing balls for ball-bearings. The MSX-E3701 Ethernet system measures the dimensions of the balls and sends corrections to the PLC if necessary. Read more

Position acquisition in a welding process

Position acquisition of glass components with the Ethernet counter system MSX-E1731 for EnDat 2.2 sensors. Read more

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